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iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4 or Blackberry, which one to choose?

SamsungGalaxyS4 Blackberry-Z10 iPhone5







My friends asked me today what to choose when her service contract is coming up soon. Here is my technical adviser told me his thoughts and I would like to share with you because I agreed 100% with him.

I used to be an expert on telecommunications but did not really follow up with all the new gadgets coming up like mushrooms these days. Instead, I let my other engineers to tell me their advices. It saves me time and effort.

Engineers like to give advice, believe it or not. Me, too. But I cannot do that on new products like cell phones. They change too often. I am getting too old for that now.


iPhone 5

If you have been using iPhone or iPad, it is better to use the Apple products again. The reason is that many Salespersons tell you about the all the features and whistles on other phones but you may only use the same old features anyway. So new features may not be of advantage to you if you are not going to use often.

Having used the iPhone before, you are familiar with the machine so you do not have to learn again and try to look for the new features or similar features from the Android environment.

More importantly, you may want to keep and transfer all the contact information and contents from your old iPhone to the new one. Moving your phone’s data from an iPhone to an android phone can be very cumbersome. Don’t ask me about it. I am not an engineer anymore.

iPhone 5 Apps. are tested by Apple to ensure the Apps are workable without causing problem to the iPhone before they are allowed to put on the market for download. So for sure your iPhone will be good to use with the largest amount of Apps. available to you than the Android products. iPhone has very good battery and has metal case.

Apple will keep on improving their products to match the competitors. So, they will have new features to compete or better than the others. Just wait a little time and they will have a better one coming. Yes. It will cost you though.


Samsung Galaxy 4

A very good looking machine has many new features for young people and all ages. I played with it today. However, for adults with business to do, we are not going to have time to learn and use all those new features. As long as we can use and learn quickly like something we already know, we are happy. Just simply no time waste on learning.

I am a high tech guy, but I got sick and tired to learn new stuffs all over again. I used to hate Microsoft and still do when they changed the menus on Microsoft Office and make it hard for me to find the feature I need. That is not called enhancement to me but make it harder to use and cost us more money to upgrade.

The Galaxy 4 has more entertainment features like taking pictures, video and sharing files between other Galaxy phones, plus other new features. Good for the young ones to play and learn. But not for me. Don’t have time for that.

Again, Android Apps. is not necessary tested by the Phone makers as it is an open source. So do not expect that all Apps. to work properly. The number of Android Apps. is still lesser than the ones for the iPhone. Samsung has good battery but with plastic case. In case they were dropped, it will break. When having many Apps installed, the phone slows down. iPhone does not slow down.

The Samsung Galaxy 4 has a new feature that you can flip the page by waving your hand to the screen. I do not think that a good feature. That can be something no good for the business users. Why? How do you like to show someone a document or message and suddenly the page changed to something else because you were using your body language to express something.


Blackberry Z10

I am not a Blackberry user. But from the look of it, I still like iPhone better. Even if the operating system is better now, it will still take me sometimes to learn and I don’t like that. Perhaps fans of the Blackberry can tell us what they think.

Again, like anything new, there will not be a lot of Apps. for the Blackberry. So do not try to compare with either iPhone or Android’s.

I am not discouraging people to buy Blackberry. Perhaps, we should put a hold on the product until it is more mature and get all the bugs out of the way.

Hitachi One

I like the Hitachi One as they are quite compatible with the new Samsung Galaxy 4 running with Android 4.2. The only thing is that, they do not look as good as the Samsung one. But I do like that the speaker is in the front and is cheaper.



Android phone is generally cheaper than the iPhones so that they can penetrate the into the Apple’s market.

This paper is not written on the pricing but is very important for the consumers. We want to get our money’s worth. However, it is still one of the factors choosing a new cell phone.

No matter which phone you choose, there is another way to get a good deal. You can always bargain with your supplier or carrier. They already have the network in place. They do not want to lose you. It is easier to maintain an old customer than getting a new one.

You can always get a better deal than what they have advertised. If you are approaching renewal time, you can tell them you want to switch to another carrier that gives you a better deal or running a promotion. I am sure they want to keep you than losing you to their competitors.

Very simple to do.

You ask, you may get. You don’t ask, they will not get.

Call your carrier that you like the other carrier’s deal better and you want to switch. Let them tell you what to do.  If they donot listen, ask another competitor to switch the number to the new one, then, this is for real. Unless what you are asking is something they absolutely cannot do, they will call me and beg you to stay when the other company sends in the request for switch the number over.

Believe me it works. I did that and get good deals.

Do it or not, it is your money.


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A Century Journey of Enlightenment 100th Anniverary of Xinhai Revolution















Date: Nov. 26, 2011
Time: 7:30pm
Location: The Center
Host: Greater Vancouver Overseas Chinese Students Commitee for Xinhai Revolution Centennial Performance Gala

Please download event poster for more information.

Detail Information in Chinese


This is a month-long series of exciting and delectable events in Alberta and British Columbia.

For the first time in Vancouver, the ITALIAN WINE AWARDS will be presented with guests of both the industry and public tastings voting for their favourite Italian red and white wines. The winning wines will be displayed and promoted throughout selected Liberty Wines stores in Vancouver and the awards will be presented at the Dine Italia event at Federico’s Supper Club on November 28th.

We are also proud to announce a MONTH-LONG “FLAVOURS OF ITALY” IMAGE PROMOTION in 50 selected BC Liquor Stores – check out some of the best-selling Italian labels in our Province!

DINE ITALIA – EXCLUSIVE “FLAVOURS OF ITALY” REGIONAL WINE-PAIRING DINNERS at some of Vancouver’s most renowned Italian restaurants with regional menus specially created by the chefs, all of whom have already been awarded (or who will receive next year) the Authentic Italian Hospitality Seal Award – “Ospitalita’ Italiana”.

The dinners will take place over the month of November and will feature regional specialties paired with wines exclusively from those regions with insights from both chefs and winemakers on the evening’s unique fare:

  • Monday Nov. 7 – Dine LOMBARDIA at Cibo Trattoria (Sold Out)
  • Tuesday Nov. 8 – Dine VENETO at CinCin (Sold Out)
  • Thursday Nov. 17 – Dine SICILIA at Cioppino’s Mediterranean Grill and Enoteca
  • Thursday Nov. 24 – Dine PIEMONTE at Quattro al Centro
  • Monday Nov. 28 – Dine ITALIA at Federico’s Supper Club

We look forward to seeing you, buon appetito! Get your tickets now: http://www.cmymall.com/products.php?cid=21

Special Events, Dec. 2 – 3, 2011

Canadian Aboriginal & Asia Pacific Import & Export Trade Development Seminar & Workshop

Date: Friday& Saturday, December 2 – 3, 2011 (New Date from Nov 19 – 20)
Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 p.m. Daily
Place: The Maritime Labour Centre, Boardroom, #3-1880 Triumph Street, Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Free parking available. Limited Seats available. First come first served.

RSVP at: http://www.vbnf.com/contactus.php or Please download the Complete Brochure and registration form.

Canada’s First Nations possess land reserves totaling nearly three million hectares. This land base represents an economic asset that will make a major contribution to enhancing and advancing the quality of life and standard of living of First Nations people and communities throughout Canada.

Indeed, there has been an explosion of First Nations entrepreneurship on and off-reserve as First Nations have opened casinos, shopping centres, industrial parks, golf courses and residential developments; they own trust companies, airlines, trucking firms, fisheries, sawmills and oil wells.

There is a lot for us to learn about Canadian Aboriginal people, including their values, standards, constitutions and leadership competencies. VBNF is fortunate to work with Wineexs Business Development & Management (WBDM), a registered and leading 100% Canadian Aboriginal owned and operated company located at Vancouver, BC, to create new and viable business opportunities relating to natural resources such as fishing, forestry and mining.

As such, WBDM has set-up an inaugural 2-day import and export trade development seminar and workshop to teach others how to do business with First Nations. This ground-breaking seminar and workshop will bring together Aboriginal and Asia Pacific community stakeholders and leaders, entrepreneurs, business leaders, industry experts and investors who exemplify best practices in their particular field to collaborate on the development of a new and unified import and export trade model and business network. Any business people or groups that who would like to do business with First Nations should attend.

In the course, you will learn:

  • Who are the First Nations bands and organizations we are working with;
  • How they want to do business with you;
  • What kind of products and services are available;
  • What products and services they need;
  • When the products become available;
  • How to create business opportunities with First Nations; and,
  • Learn about the VBNF connections and investment opportunities.

Delegates Include:

  • Canadian Aboriginal community stakeholders and leaders, entrepreneurs, business leaders, industry experts and investors;
  • Asia-Pacific community stakeholders and leaders, entrepreneurs, business leaders, industry experts and investors;
  • Local, regional, provincial, national and international social and economic development, management, leadership and stewardship professionals; and,
  • Personal and professional development professionals.

Seminar Highlights Include:

  • Discover and learn about the ground-breaking H.O.W.A.R.T. Model;
  • Access invaluable, leading-edge technology, information and tools;
  • Learn about the advances in First Nations import and export trade;
  • Collaborate with Canadian Aboriginal and Asia-Pacific business leaders;
  • Contribute to the development of a new import and export trade model;
  • Meet and network with top business executives and industry professionals;

Retiring Boomers has implications for all, Nov. 10, 2011

This year boomers started turning 65. Ten million of them, representing one third of the entire Canadian population, will reach retirement age over the next 15 years. Since they are the largest and wealthiest segment of the population, what they plan to do will have a strong impact on the economy, especially in the housing market.

Studies by several major banks have looked at the trends for boomers and have found that 39 per cent of boomers who plan to retire in the next three years still have a mortgage on their home, but two-thirds of boomers say they will retire mortgage-free. Forty per cent of boomers say they plan to move and of those, 41 per cent say they won’t need a new mortgage for their new home.

This is the generation that saw the value in their homes grow exponentially and this increase in value has formed a large part of their retirement savings plans. While saving money from a weekly pay cheque is still part of an overall saving strategy, home equity has also been a part of the strategy.

This will have a definite impact in the housing market. While it’s still a good time for first time home  buyers, many of the mortgage rule changes earlier this year has made it more challenging for this segment to get into a home, especially with shorter amortizations and the end of zero down payment programs.

While economists have predicted a stable, balanced market over the next year with the Prime interest rate staying where it is until the end of 2012, variable rate discounts have disappeared and fixed rates are gradually increasing, which may impact first time buyers. The market may see a small surplus in homes resulting in more muted price appreciation as boomers down size. Prices may make it more affordable for first time home buyers and the move-up market.

A CIBC report also suggests that younger Canadians – those aged 25 to 34 – believe they will be able to retire based on savings they will accumulate over their working life. But boomers aged 55 to 64 are not so sure.

This same report suggests that many Canadians getting closer to retirement are relooking at the retirement savings goals they’ve set for themselves and are making adjustments. With interest rates low, coupled with a relatively stable economy, it may be a good time for boomers who have built equity in their homes to look at other mortgage options such as reverse mortgages.

These findings also demonstrate the importance of having a plan in place and making progress toward your goals every year, to give you the flexibility to make choices about how and when you retire.  Whether you’re reaching retirement or just starting out, speaking to a mortgage agent should be part of a family’s overall retirement planning along with a financial planner. There are a number of strategies and options for paying down a mortgage and building a retirement nest egg.

Chatting with Mayor Wayne Wright, Nov 09, 2011

Today, I bumped into Mayor Wayne Wright of New Westminster who was getting on the Skytrain to go to a meeting on low Income housing meeting at UBC.  This is something I applause the Mayor as this is just something very important to all British Columbians as well as the whole Canada. I am very pleased to hear that the government is listening and is taking action to resolve the housing issues across Canada.

 As VBNF has been promoting Low Income housing for the last few months, and the technology was picking up steam from different directions in the US, Canada, Asia and South America. It is about time, our government would start seeing the need and actually doing something about this.

Mayor Wayne Wright is a very busy man and he has been working very hard to bring new developments in New West. Just take a look at the waterfront area near the New West Skytrain station, the waterfront park development next to the Front Road. This will change the look of New West and will make it an attractive place to visit. I can’t wait to see it grow.  I would like to see the modernized part of New West to bring new visitors and residents to improve the city. I live in New West and I like it here. The broad walk is a very nice and beautiful place for a stroll. Some people do fishing there for enjoyment. Dogs and kids were having fun running around with their adults.

Yet during this election time, he would take the time to attend meetings like this to take care the low income people across the country. He does care. Mayor Wright is not a young fellow but yet he is so energetic and so enthusiasm into public services. I admire him. I wish I have the same energy like him when I get to his age. 

Mayor Wright did the right thing about the Head Tax for the Chinese. He took trips to China to bring more business into the City, to set up sister cities with China and bring more future to New West. I think he deserves another term so he can finish off what he started. Go with Mayor Wright. He is the Right man for the job. I am for sure to vote for him in the coming weekend. I hope you do too. I want him to finish up what he has been working so hard for.

During the summer, we have more fire work than other cities. Although it is a smaller scale but good enough for us who do not want to get into traffic jam in Vancouver to see the competition. New Westminster is a great place to live. Don’t believe me? Just stop by the Quay and take a walk on the broad walk, then ask anyone there. They will tell you the truth.

Low Income Housing for New Westminster

Since there is not a whole lot of land, the best way is to build multi-level building. During the train ride, I was able to give him a brief on the Murchtech technology and its saving and advantages to the Mayor. He likes it. He will study more and share the information with people he was going to meet at UBC. I will surely help him learn more about the Murchtech products and all the cost and time savings from traditional housing materials.

MurchTech Presentation Links:

* MurchTech Low Cost Housing Solution (Canada)


* Housing Solution for Earthquake, Tornado, Hurricane, Tsunami or other natural disaster areas










For more information, please contact us.

VBNF says thank you and goodbye to our good friend, the Consul General of China, Nov. 7, 2011


Today, VBNF attended the dinner gathering to say farewell to one of our Chinese leader in Vancouver, Mr. Shugen Liang, whose term is up that he will be going back to Beijing for another important job. The Consul General is a well liked leader/friend in both the Chinese business and social communities, not to mention that he is also leader representing China to other countries in Vancouver. He is a very, very busy man indeed.

He provided endless support to all the Chinese people living in Vancouver regardless where they come from, business or social needs. The Chinese loves him very much.  I bet he must have been invited to many farewell functions by different groups during the last few weeks.  While we are sorry to see him go.  We have to admit that all good things will go to an end somehow and new good things will come again. We wish him well, get some rest and get a better job so he can help us more in the future.

Here is the link to see the photo show for the event.

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BC Celebrates Culture Days, Sept 30, Oct 1 & 2, 2011

BC Celebrates Culture Days with hundreds of FREE activities

Vancouver, BC – Hundreds of FREE activities are happening in cities and towns across BC for the second annual Culture Days on September 30 to October 2, 2011. Throughout BC, arts organizations, cultural groups, individual artists, libraries, museums, festivals and municipalities have enthusiastically joined the Culture Days movement to offer hands-on and behind-the-scenes activities exploring music, dance, visual arts, film, history, theatre, literature and much more.

To find out what activities are happening in your community, visit www.culturedays.ca and plan your Culture Days weekend using the Bright Spots Schedule.

On September 30 to October 2, Culture Days invites everyone to participate in and experience the cultural life of our province. It’s more than just a celebration – it’s an opportunity to discover local creators and to find out how culture and the arts enrich our lives and communities.

Culture Days celebrations are taking place in just about every corner of our province from major urban areas to small towns. Here are just a few highlights:

· In Kamloops, join with friends, family, or strike out on your own for a Scavenger Hunt to learn the culture and heritage of Kamloops from public art to the Kamloopa Pow Wow.

· Jump on your cycle for the BIKEnnale Bike Tour’s last ride of the season to discover the amazing outdoor sculptures that are part of the 2009-2011 Vancouver Biennale exhibit, with docents awaiting you at key sculptures.

· Release your inner buccaneer with Pirate School at Centennial Square in Victoria and learn the art of Scrimshaw, create treasure maps, and get “tattooed”.

· Feel like dancing? Here’s a great opportunity to experience a class with a National Ballet Principal Dancer Jillian Vanstone in Nanaimo.

· Join in a multi-generational, multi-cultural community artwork and create a soundscape and banner under the direction of Arts Umbrella on Granville Island, Vancouver.

· If you are a seasoned writer wanting to engage with a colleague, an emerging writer wanting to learn, or an art lover who wants the nuts and bolts of theatre creation unveiled, then head to the Rooftop Garden of the Richmond Arts Centre for an evening Inside the Mind of a Playwright, Lucia Frangione.

“All across the province an abundance of cultural activities are happening for Culture Days, which reflect the incredible vibrancy, diversity and creativity of BC’s communities,” said BC Culture Days Programming Director, Trudy Van Dop. “The outstanding increase in participation this year shows the initiative of the many arts organizations in our creative and cultural communities to create access to a wide range of activities and events for the general public and get us all involved in celebrating BC culture.”

For more details about Culture Days announcements please visit: www.culturedays.ca.

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VBNF welcomes Delegates from Jiangmen, Sept 5, 2011

Thanks to CCBDA for arranging the meet up party with the delegates from Jiangmen City of Guangdong Province from China. We were so excited to meet with old friends who took great care of us when we went for a Trade mission to China in Nov. 2009. At the party we also meet up with Mr. Dang of the Consul General office of China, Vancouver, John Yap, MLA Richmond, Richard Lee, MLA Burnaby and Catherine Yuen, Principal Consultant of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office Canada, Vancouver and many old friends who went to China during the 2009 tour.

Jiangmen has grown so fast and it became a city district from a town. Many manufacturing facilities are located in Jiangmen. One of the largest developments is the LED market. LED lighting saves energy consumption as well LED displays are very effective for outdoor large screen size. Otherwise the car industry is also very large as they produce lots of parts for the automobile industry.

Of course, there are many art and crafts products in Jiangmen too. We had a great time and got invitation to visit Jiangmen whenever we are ready to go.

Jiangmen has most of the production set up but will need high tech stuff to help them improve and increase efficiency and quality. VBNF will find out exactly what they need and source them out from Canada to bring the products there. They also are interested in seafood and wood logs from Canada. VBNF will surely work closely with them as we have the resources here in BC.

See photo slides from the event.

Taiwan Festival Vancouver Sept 3 – 5 2011

Each year the Taiwan festival celebrates in Vancouver. This year, they have several locations to showcase Taiwanese culture and food.

VBNF took a day off to enjoy the sun and the crowd at the Taiwan Festival in downtown at the Vancouver Art Museum and Granville Street. While the party is for free, and many people did come to enjoy, I found it not as good as the previous years when they held the festival at the Plaza of Nations and featured many dances and performance. Because they have different locations, it was hard for the visitors to go to each location to see what is going on there. I think it also reduce the size of the crowd if all were held at a single location. I personally do not like that. Perhaps, I cannot appreciate the loud music of the rock bands from Taiwan. I would rather like to see dances and lighter music so the youngsters can also enjoy.

I always like Taiwanese good, especially those only from Taiwan. They do have a food culture and know their good. Some are spicy and some are odd. But overall, they have good food and the price is reasonable at a special occasion like this. Many tourists did wonder what was going on at the festival. They also had a good time too. Then they can head on to Robson Street to do some shopping and have a drink or so.

See our picture show during the time of our visit.

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