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Health and Business

I have both topics together for a good reason: Because they can work together. I have been learning social and ballroom dance lately and I find that is great for my health and business. Ballroom dance is an interactive sport (for me it is). You can exercise for a few hours with fun and you [...]

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Chinese Professional Realtor Autumn Moon Festival Sept 27, 2012

What a night of Classic Chinese costume and entertainment by the group. VBNF enjoyed the evening very much. Not only guests will get a $15 gift certificate for a Cake shop. One can do all you can eat of Moon Cakes at the event, featuring different favours of the Chinese Traditional Moon cake, that are [...]

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VSC MMM Meetup Sept 12, 2012

The Vancouver Singapore Club (VSC) hosts MMM business meet up each month at various location. Thanks to its Chairperson, Violet Chan who organized the event. What a wonderful lady she is? She had been Chair person for many different associations. Her networks included the MSBCA, VMS (Vancouver Multicultural Society) and now the Vancouver Singapore Club. [...]

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MSBCA and VSC Party 2012

MSBCA and VSC really know parties. Not only they have good programs, they do have good spicy food. I love Malaysian food. They fusion many foods together: Chinese, India, Malay and Singapore and many others. Every time I went there, it is better than going to a restaurant. They used some ingredients that are not [...]